Monday, February 14, 2011

Date Night

Tonight was a Father Daughter Valentine's Dance at Princess' school.  She and her Daddy were quite excited about going.  Hubby decided he would wear his tux and he ordered Princess a sweet little wrist corsage. 
Princess and her Daddy practiced dancing before the dance.  It was so sweet and she was so excited.
They had a fantastic time.  Hubby said that Princess was out in the middle of the dance floor shakin' what her mama gave her.  I think we are gonna have our hands full with this little girlie if she's this much of a party girl at age 6.  She's got the moves!

Prince and I had a date tonight too.  We ate dinner at his favorite pizza place and then took a trip to the store to buy him a treat.  It was great quality time.  As we were sitting at the table waiting for our food to come, Prince told me that he loved me and that I'm beautiful, giving me all of these compliments.  He then launched into a poem of his very own that went something like this:
"Mom, you are as beautiful as a flower."  So far this was good.  Then it got kind of strange.
"Your eyes are like pizzas.  Your lips are like hearts.  Your legs are like pickles."  I can't even remember the rest of what he said.  It was quite cute though, that he thought he was being sweet and reciting an original poem especially for me.  It was original alright! 

Over all, Date Night with the kiddos was a huge success and we are thinking of doing this once a month, trading off kids every other time. 

And now, I must get my "pickle legs" to bed as my "pizza eyes" are about to close.
Good Night!


  1. Oh I remember those sweet Daddy daughter girls remember them too : )

  2. Pizza eyes and pickle legs. LOL. At least you didn't have cactus legs. Hubby and Princess look so nice. What a special time for you all.

  3. Paula, cactus legs...that's a good one! Yes, it was a very special time indeed. They had a blast.