Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fun

The fire department came to the preschool today to do their "friendly firefighter" demonstration.  They dress up in their gear with the oxygen on and all so the kids will know not to be afraid and run away if for some reason they see a firefighter and help is needed.  It was also Donuts for Dads day so the Daddies were all there for demonstration as well.  It was so much fun to see all of the dad's with their kids. Guess who got to dress up in the firefighter gear ~ ME! 

That is some heavy gear, no wonder firefighters have strong muscles.  The gear is also hot ~ and not in a good way. ;)
The kids also got to spray the fire hose.  They had a blast!

This is my nephew, Sweet Cheeks.  He got right in there with the bigger kids and knew exactly what to do. 

Also today, I walked into the auto repair shop to pick up Hubby's truck.  It needed a new headlight switch.  The guy behind the counter was on the phone and this was what I heard:
"Yeah buddy, I got ya covered.  Did you say you live in ___________?  What road do you live on?  Oh, yeah I just live on _____________.  I can bring the part home and you can come pick it up from my house before you turn off your truck that way you won't have trouble gettin' it started again.  I live on the west side of the road.  You know where Larry the Lawnmower guy lives?  Yeah, you know that old guy that fixes up the lawnmowers and then puts them out by the road to sell them.  Yeah I live just down from there.  OK buddy, here's my other phone number just call me before you come over.  We're havin' people over tonight for supper and cards.  A'ight.  Bye."  I'm not sayin' it's a bad thing.  Actually, it was quite comforting to know that people are still neighborly and helpful to others.  It's just different from the norm.  Not that people are rude here, it's hard to explain and just a bit different.  Good times.
I like dealing with small businesses, it's so much more personable.  The people that own this place were exremely nice to us and were not out to make extra money off of us.  It was a refreshing way to do business with someone.
The twins did well on their spelling tests.  They both scored "E" for excellent, although Princess spelled nine "nien."  Then there's the Prince who misspelled six.  Yep, you've got it, he spelled it "sex."  I'm sorry I guess I'm in middle school humor mode.  He has no clue that this is even a word but I did chuckle in my head a little.  Moving on...

Tonight is Family Fun Night and I have no plan.  Hubby and I talked about going out to dinner but I think we are too tired so I'm not sure what we will end up doing.  Something really low maintenance together as a family.  Ideas anyone???


  1. No fear - I think I live in middle school mindset...that mispelling is hilarious. Mainly since he doesn't know what it is. : )

    Love the firefighter demo...pretty cool. I wish that had been done at my school when I was little.

  2. Prairie, yes I found it funny especially since he doesn't know what it is.