Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Love

Saturday night Prince was visibly upset and I asked him what was wrong.  He said that he was afraid that he is growing up and that there might come a day when I won't sing his special song to him anymore because he would be too big for it.  As I tried to reassure him that this would never happen and that I will always sing his song, I remembered the book "Love You Forever."  I have had this book for quite some time and I tried to read it to the twins when they were younger.  There's one problem.  I can't get through this book without boo-hooing.  It is not a pretty sight.  Anywho, Prince asked if I would find the book when we got home from the in-law's on Sunday and read it to him.  Of course I said I would.  From the time we pulled into town on Sunday afternoon Prince kept asking me about the book.  I went right to the bookshelf where I knew the book would be and it wasn't there.  I searched every place I could think of and could not find this book.  So on our date last night I told Prince we would go to Wal-Mart and buy another copy of the book.  Wal-Mart did not have the book.  Prince was very upset about this.  How could they not have the book?!  They used to have it!  This afternoon Target saved the day.  Even though I think I used to have 2 copies of this book, I can't find any so I bought 2 more books, one for each of the kids.

Tonight after a marvelous Valentine's dinner, gifts, and homework, Prince and Princess were crawling into bed and as promised I read "Love You Forever" to them.  Yes, I boo-hooed.  My children were laughing at me, not understanding why I would cry at this book.  After I finished the story, I hugged them each a little tighter and said in their ears, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as you're living, My baby you'll be."  Prince then looked up at me and said, "Mom, I'll love you forever.  Will you sing my song?"  So with that, I sang to each of them and tucked them into bed.  What a fantastically sweet way to end our familyValentine's celebration.
Hubby and I have always chosen a family dinner and gathering for Valentine's Day as we all celebrate the love we have for each other.  During our blessing tonight, Hubby read my mind as he prayed that God would help us to love others as He is the ultimate example of what that love should be.  This day is much more than a card holiday, although the cards and flowers are certainly nice.  It is a day that reminds us of how we should feel and act every day, in a spirit of love toward those special people in our lives.  We should never take for granted the opportunity to say "I love you," for we never know what the future holds.  I was also reminded today that we are supposed to love even those people in our lives that are difficult to love.  That's a tough one, but, "we love because God first loved us." 

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm off to spend what's left of it with my Valentine, who is NOT difficult to love at all.

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  1. I absolutely can't read that book without crying. I quit trying and make my 7 year old read it out loud when they want to hear it ;)