Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I cannot tell a lie...Wednesday Hodge Podge

It's Wednesday and you know what that's time for the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond does a great job supplying us with questions.  Please feel free to link up and join in!

1. Your favorite chocolate treat?
Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares ~ dark chocolate is good for your heart...probably not a whole bag of it, but I don't feel as guilty when I think it's healthy.

2. What more than anything else makes you feel loved?
When people speak encouraging words to me, and are kind.  See my post on Love Languages

3. Cherries or blueberries?

4. What is the one trait you most want the leader of your country to posess?
Integrity.  I want to know that they have a strong moral code or compass and that they truly believe they are doing the right thing. 

5. Are you a saver or a spender?
Both.  I do like to spend the money, but I know the value of saving as well.  We went through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University a couple of years ago and it was a great program.  If you haven't done it, you should.

6. If you gave a party for all of your friends would they already know each other?
Yes, most of them would know each other or at least have heard a lot about each other.  That's what happens when you grow up in a small town.

7. Are you interested in antiques?
I like antiques and appreciate their beauty, but I don't know enough to know what's what.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I spent a large part of yesterday working on an essay about  my vision for the future of the United Methodist Church.  It took a lot of work and conversations back and forth with my pastor to help clarify what that vision would be.  I submitted an application to be considered to go to General Conference next year and my information will be read and voted on at Annual Conference this year.  If selected, I will be a representative of  the Florida Conference at the United Methodist General Conference.  General Conference is a meeting of representatives from all over the world to discuss policies and doctrine in the United Methodist Church.  They meet every 4 years and next year when they meet, it will be in Florida.  I think it would be amazing to be a part of this process.  The essay took a lot of time and refining, then I had to find a headshot that I was happy with.  I couldn't find one so I had to spend some time taking pictures of myself because of course I waited until the last minute to decide for sure to do this.
Now that I look at it, I'm not as happy with it.  It was better than the double chins I kept getting in other shots though.  Oh well, maybe it won't be printed very big and maybe the resolution won't be great. 


  1. Sounds like an exciting opportunity...hope it all works out for you to go!

  2. I totally missed the Hodgepodge again this week...if my internet at home is back up, I might do it tonight.

    Love that you are actively engaged in your church on the local, state, national, and global level! That is awesome and so needed. : ) Oh, and I think your picture looks great!

  3. WOW this essay sounds like an amazing opportunity. Prayers going up about that.