Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh French Bread ~ there's nothin' like it!

Prepare to be amazed at my domesticity.  Is that a word?  Anyway, I baked french bread to go with dinner tonight.  It was so yummy!  The Queen of Brussels Sprouts has me all inspired to bake lately with her delicious looking bread so I decided to make some too.  One loaf I left plain because that's how the kids will eat it, but to the other loaf, I added sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.  That was mine and Hubby's favorite. 
Hubby bought me this handy dandy french bread loaf pan and I love it.  The truth of the matter is that I didn't even know such a thing existed until The Queen began talking about her pan.  Last week I baked two regular loaves but they came out tasting too salty.  I didn't have kosher salt so I just used table salt and I think that was a mistake.  I used to be afraid of making my own bread, I think the idea of dealing with the yeast and what if it didn't rise sounded to me like a lot of hassle for something that may or may not work.  I have found, though, that I love it and it really isn't as hard as I thought it would be.  It makes the house smell so good!  Anyway, if you are looking for an easy french bread recipe, go here and thank The Queen of Brussels Sprouts.  Tell her I sent you!
Next time...I'll follow the advice of one of my facebook friends and make homemade butter to go with it.  Wouldn't that be delish?!  I don't think I'm gonna report in for Fat Tuesday tomorrow, as it will ultimately be a FAIL!


  1. I am SO SO SO super proud of you, and honored to be mentioned.

    I love the add-ins. We've just had it plain. I will have to try add-ins soon. When I am done sniffing sharpie markers and cardboard boxes!

  2. Ooh yum, I want some!


  3. Weej,
    I will bring you some tomorrow!

    Queen- don't lose too many brain cells to the Sharpies!

  4. Yeah, I was all excited thinking I'd try it but you lost me at "scald milk". Makes me think "Bad milk! Bad! No donut!"

    I was for realz about the cheese. It is soooo yummy!

  5. That would be scold, not scald. You're so funny!

  6. Oh, yum! I have always had a fear of yeast. I am slowly working through it!

  7. How funny...I had missed this post, but did my own bread post today. Now I think I might just have to give French bread a try....yum!