Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a Dorky Thing to Do!

Two posts in one day...Shocking I know.  But I had to share this story, I'm sure somebody needs a laugh today.

Last week Hubby came home from work with a surprise for me.  He had been to the mall and bought me a new leather jacket.  It was on a major sale so he gets extra, extra bonus points for that.  This morning when I walked outside and realized how chilly it was, I rushed back into the house and grabbed my new jacket.  I really like it and think it looks good on me.  I never understood why people took pictures of themselves in the car until I realized that you can hold the phone up to the rear view mirror and see what you look like before taking it.  (I know, I'm a little slow.) 
Anyway, this morning when I was sitting at a red light I thought I would take a picture of myself and email it to Hubby to show him that I was wearing the jacket.  I had also straightened my hair this morning with the new straightening iron my sis had given me.  I wanted Hubby's feedback.
He liked it.  After feeling so blah yesterday and feeling better today and then trying out the new look, I was feeling pretty good about things.  I wore my jacket proudly all day and into the kids' school this afternoon.  I stopped in the bathroom and took off my jacket to hang it on the back of the door and guess what I found hanging from the back of the armpit...yep....the price tag.  Here I thought I looked good and I looked like Minnie Pearl. 
What a dork! 

Oh well, it's a good thing Hubby didn't marry me for my coolness factor!  What embarrassing things have happened to you lately?